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Secrets in A House Divided

"In this work we find the real to be as terrifying as we suspected it would be, and the spiritual to be as sublime as we never dared to hope it would be. This is the book we need right now, and the writer whose vision for whom we’ve been waiting."
- Laura Kasischke, National Book Critics Circle Award Winner and author of nine novels, including The Life Before Her Eyes

Clara's memoir from the front lines of school desegregation was released in paperback in 2013

White Girl: A Story of School Desegregation

White Girl is a memoir that matters. Clara Silverstein offers a fresh perspective on desegregation and gives voice to a group that is all too often forgotten. Her writing is crisp, unsentimental, and vivid. She brings to life an era of social change and does so with an honesty that is admirable and worthy of discussion. At once educational and inspiring, this book should be at the top of the list for serious-minded book clubs. And every civics class in the country needs to be aware of Silverstein’s journey.” —Michael Morris, author of Slow Way Home and Man in the Blue Moon

“Courageous and true, Silverstein’s White Girl opened my eyes to the ‘other’ side of desegregation in the American South—being a white student in a predominately black school. Her personal details were poignant and powerful, presenting the very real voice of a lonely adolescent caught in a time of harsh social change and prejudice.”
—Mary Alice Monroe, New York Times bestselling author of Beach House Memories

"This wonderful memoir inverts our understanding of desegregation, reminding us that the white students on the bus were just as heroic as their black counterparts. The story is at once a vivid description of a controversial social experiment, an intimate chronicle of a girl's turbulent journey through adolescence, and a loving tribute to a visionary father who died too young."

--James S. Hirsch, author of Two Souls Indivisible
Healthy recipes for families and children inspired by the White House garden

A White House Garden Cookbook

How do you get kids to eat their greens? This is a question First Lady Michelle Obama has been hoping to answer with her White House Kitchen Garden. This cookbook explores the many ways the White House garden has gotten at the root of the matter. We meet its dozens of vegetables, including descendants of seeds planted by Thomas Jefferson. We get to know honey scraped from the hives of First Family bees. Filled with ideas to get children excited about eating and cooking locally grown vegetables, this cookbook also makes it fun to plan healthy family meals. Recipes come from White Houses past and present as well as the community gardens that are inspiring children nationwide.
The Boston Chef's Table cookbook includes more than 100 recipes from Boston's top restaurants, along with a story about each chef, and local food history.

The Boston Chef's Table

The Boston Chef's Table brings recipes from the best chefs in the Boston area right to your kitchen. Far from being stodgy standards, these contemporary recipes include endive salad from Aquitaine, lasagna (baked inside a pumpkin) from Olives, apple caponata from Oleana, and gingered sea bass from Skipjack's. Traditional favorites are also here, including baked beans from the Union Oyster House and Boston Cream Pie from the Omni Parker House. Chapters are devoted to appetizers, soups, salads, pasta, entrees, side dishes and desserts. Brunch recipes complete the collection.
The creative recipes in this book have made it a top seller in the soup category on

The New England Soup Factory Cookbook

With something for every taste and season - even chilled summer soups - the recipes in this collection include soups from a variety of cultures, as well as new twists on American favorites. Also included are recipes for sandwiches and salads to complete a soup-based meal. Chef Marjorie Druker's humorous and inspiring personal stories provide insight into her passion for all things soup related. Cooking tips ensure that every batch turns out just right!