Clara Silverstein

The New England Soup Factory Cookbook

Thomas Nelson /​ Rutledge Hill Press
September, 2007

Soup can do a lot more than pack a complete meal into a single bowl. It can energize, soothe, deliver meat-and-potato sustenance, or turn dessert into a creamy blend of fruits. Versatility is what inspired Marjorie Druker to choose soup as the signature product of the New England Soup Factory, the take-out business she founded in 1995. The two locations in the Boston area (Brookline and Newton) serve hundreds of gallons of soup a day.
In The New England Soup Factory Cookbook, Marjorie for the first time gives the recipes for 100 of her signature soups, plus a few sandwiches and salads, from her rotating menu of creative, seasonal fare. The book teaches you how to make menu standards including Hearty and Rich Beef Stew, and Chili Con Carne, plus specialty flavors such as Pumpkin, Lobster & Ginger, and Hungarian Bing Cherry Soup. Vegetarians will also find plenty of selections in the book. Each recipe has been tested by a highly critical and opinionated group: The New England Soup Factory customers.


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