Clara Silverstein

The Boston Chef's Table

Three Forks /​ Globe Pequot Press
October, 2007

Boston used to be the capital of clam chowder, baked beans, and brown bread. You can still find ample helpings of these around “Beantown,” but many of the city’s chefs have moved past these old favorites. Instead, they use regional ingredients – scallops, lobsters, corn, winter squash, cranberries, and maple syrup – in more contemporary ways. Their cooking also reflects Boston’s growth from a provincial capital into an international city. Once-exotic ingredients like fresh mangoes, pickled ginger, and truffle oil have become readily available, challenging chefs to find ways to use them. The result – an exciting, Boston-based, creative approach to cooking – deserves a closer look. "The Boston Chef’s Table" takes you into some of the top kitchens in the city to give you a collection of recipes that you can try at home.
Chefs who contributed recipes to this collection include Ming Tsai of Blue Ginger, Todd English of Olives, Jody Adams of Rialto, Jasper White of The Summer Shack, Geoff Gardner of Sel de la Terre, and Chris Schlesinger of The East Coast Grill.


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