Clara Silverstein

This cookbook chronicles the first year of Michelle Obama's White House Kitchen Garden.

A White House Garden Cookbook

How do you get kids to eat their greens? This is a question First Lady Michelle Obama has been hoping to answer with her White House Kitchen Garden. This cookbook explores the many ways the White House garden has gotten at the root of the matter. We meet its dozens of vegetables, including descendants of seeds planted by Thomas Jefferson. We get to know honey scraped from the hives of First Family bees. Filled with ideas to get children excited about eating and cooking locally grown vegetables, this cookbook also makes it fun to plan healthy family meals. Recipes come from White Houses past and present as well as the community gardens that are inspiring children nationwide.


Historical Fiction
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A chronicle with recipes of the first season of Michelle Obama's vegetable garden at the White House. ďA charming volume...aimed at families with young children, with colorful pages that explain the vegetables.Ē - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
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